Sunday, January 20, 2013


I remember seeing flashes of the Oscars as I watched the news with "American Beauty" being said several times by those horrible American Wimmen with mouths like a postbox, and thinking "no way I want to see more American trash".

But there was a radio doco on the real live MURDER based on a gal who imitated the movie to kill her husband, and the jingle jangle music from the movie put the hooks into me to watch the movie.

I was pleasantly surprised, as it told my own story of a 20 year marriage as a SNAG, BUT somehow having survived 25 years PAST that time.

Hence I am Lester_Burnham_Risen in these forums as I come BACK with the experience of Zarathustra to "tear down the closets" and tell all about the American Beauty [which we adopted in Oz "like a Cong-aline of Suckholes" to use that now famous terminology].

The great irony is that, while the post-box wimmin did not realize it, the movie is actually a satire ABOUT how such wimmin [as Ms B, my loving wife] have taken over the world and put the whole American Pie out in the rain to give us the American Beauty ["and I'll never have the recipe again" to put Humpty back together].

I have already done a video summary, so please tune in to the three episodes.


  1. Boy you really are an asshole aren't you?

  2. I really cannot make up my mind for whom to have more contempt: you for your shitty, nasty attitude towards women, LGBT persons and basically anyone who isn't heterosexual, male, and presumably white, or that pathetic, spineless, lily-livered jellyfish of a *wife* of yours for not having the backbone to leave your skanky ass.

    I have family in the UK and they always said Australians were jerks. I used to think that was prejudice but having come across the likes of you I am not so sure.

  3. Scott, I see you are what the gay in his Ellen Degenerate closet Col F described as "why do those fags always rub it in your face".

    You have your lovely "partner" and I guess get pasta from Fallacios.

    Please see my videos on the Beauty and comment as you might.