Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ms B as the failed Real Estate Agent

interesting that movie makes her out to be a total failure sales wise, essentially only keeping her business [and car lease] afloat by injections of capital from Lester, who of course is repaid by dick in mason jar and ignored.

incidentally the Xmas party scene was EXACTLY as per my ex wife in the 1980s, especially the horrible loud small f femmo "power laugh" [as my kids called it] as she "glides into the room", or honing straight in on a person she had just bagged and greeting him like a "long lost" - it was deja vu brilliance.

I remember reading a Readers Digest back when I was a kid in 1950s that an estate agent is not selling a house but a dream AND he [always he back then] is selling to the WIFE.

so given that some 50% of women [probably 80% of wives] are not lovers of the small f femmo uprising of 1970, it begs the question why women actually see it as a career opportunity, and here we see "the King" [with his HUGE sales] is a male. He essentially does no "selling" at all as he simply understands the MARKETING and the principle Ms B should have been taught "marketing sows the seeds, sales reaps the harvest". Ms B had sown hype and no seeds so got no harvest

I loved the idea of her using her "mantras" from her femmo "empowerment classes" starting with "I will sell this house - today" which is a play on the 1970 song of the sisterhood number 1 hit by Helen Reddy "I am woman hear me roar ..... if I have to I can do anything".

it is an amazing movie particularly if you actually lived IN the Beauty as I did for 20 years.

which is why I am LBR as I actually SURVIVED 20 years ago to go on to lead a totally enjoyable life without such impediments.

so would I have done as Lester's cousin if I was given the choice again and not get married?

not at all - and that was Lester's message at the end ie as long as he "nurtured" wife/kid through 20 years AND they were happy, then he was happy to filter out the good from the bad and throw the bad away as we saw at end of movie.

just that the Beauty did not ALLOW him to be happy as well so they lined up to kill him.

it's just the Beauty

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